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Smile! Three Unexpected Benefits of CCTV for Your Business

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CCTV is most often installed as a deterrent against crime, and as a means of addressing it when it does occur. Commercial buildings across Australia rely on it every single day as a vital part of their security systems — and it really works. One worldwide study showed that car parks with camera systems experience 51% fewer crimes. However, what you may not realise is that these direct results aren't the only benefits you'll reap from installing a good CCTV system in your business. Here are just a couple of side-effects and other uses.

Improving Customer Confidence

Research shows that members of the public feel safer around CCTV. They do need to know that it's there in order to feel these benefits — but this should not be a problem, as your system should be advertised around your business for purposes of deterring crime regardless. People also feel safer when they know that the footage is high definition, so don't be afraid to make it clear that your system is high-quality if that is the case. Either way, showing your customers that you care about security is a good thing.

Practical Assistance

If your business is reasonably large, you may have encountered the unfortunate problem of parents being separated from their children in-store before. If this should happen while you have a good CCTV system installed, the cameras can be used to help locate a missing parent or child without requiring staff members to manually comb the store in person. Equally, the system can be used to monitor potential shoplifters or pickpockets without confrontation or causing a scene.

Pooling Community Resources

If your business is fitted with high-quality cameras, it becomes much easier to assist in police investigations. Even if a suspect or offender hasn't harmed your business in any way, you may be able to help the authorities to track that individual's whereabouts before or after a crime was committed elsewhere. This indirectly protects your business by also protecting the local community, and shows a willingness to engage with that community. This is healthy for any business.

Of course, the main benefit of installing the cameras is the reduction and management of crime and misbehaviour in your business, and that will never change. However, there's no harm in identifying these other benefits and making use of them too. The more your CCTV system works for you and your business, the better.