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Keep Your Security Camera and Your Home Safe With These Essential Features

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If you are hanging a security camera outside your home, it needs features that will help it survive while also ensuring your safety. Luckily, the security camera industry is expansive, and there are a wide range of cameras and features from which to choose.

Here are five essential features you need if you want to make the most of your outdoor security camera:

1. Weather resistant elements

Even if your camera is shielded by the overhang on your porch or entryway, it still needs to be relatively resistant to the elements. Ideally, you want it to be waterproof or at least have a rain shield. You also want it to be functional in a wide range of temperatures. You don't want the temperature to drop and crack your camera lens or increase and fry the camera's internal components.

2. Tamperproof dome

Unfortunately, the weather is not the only thing that may hurt your security camera. In some cases, intruders themselves may try to tamper with it so that you cannot detect them. To keep this risk under control, look for a security camera with a tamperproof dome.

This can be an integral part of the camera, or in some cases, you can invest in aftermarket domes to create an extra layer of protection for your existing camera.

3. Motion detector

If you don't want your security camera on all the time, you need a way to have it automatically triggered as needed, and a built-in motion detector is the best option for that. When your security camera is triggered by a motion detector, it automatically turns on anytime the postman, a delivery person or an intruder comes near your home.

You can also invest in cameras that send you an alert every time they are triggered. That allows you to constantly know what's going on outside your home, regardless of where you are.

4. Pan, tilt and zoom technology

If your security camera only captures footage at one angle, intruders may be able to duck out of the shot. To prevent that you need a security camera that features pan, tilt and zoom technology.

There are cameras you can control remotely so you can get a better look at what's happening, but there are also security cameras that zoom in on people automatically and tilt and pan to make that possible.

5. Infrared technology

Even with tilting and panning, your camera may struggle to get a clear image if it is dark outside. Luckily, you can create a clear and consistent image with infrared or night vision technology.