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Burglary Prevention Involves More than a Home Alarm System

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Home burglaries can occur in neighbourhoods of every type. This includes both suburban and urban areas. There is no location that is immune to the threat of burglary. Even though burglary is common, there are ways to prevent your home from being the next victim.

Home alarm systems seem like the most advertised method of securing your property, but there are other options that can add to the security of a home alarm system:

Access Should Be Denied With Security Screens and Deadbolt Locks

It is essential that access to your home is made difficult. Most burglars are looking for easy targets. If your home is outfitted with security window screens and deadbolt locks, chances are your home will not be targeted. Taking the extra precaution of securing your pet door is necessary. There are some burglars that can fit through this small space. Making access to your home difficult is the number one deterrent of burglaries over having an installed alarm system.

Don't Leave Behind Signs of Your Departure

Did you know that most burglaries take place in under 12 minutes and the summertime is prime season for home theft? This means that most burglars don't put in a lot of effort and want to rob a home that looks like an easy target. If you are away from your home for any period of time, don't make the mistake of leaving behind signs of your departure.

Mailboxes that are overflowing, unkempt lawns and countless newspapers all combine to make your home a sitting target for criminals. You do not want to broadcast to thieves that you are away. Has someone you can trust stop by your home and get rid of the signs that tip off burglars.

Home Security Systems Can Work in Tandem with Other Theft Prevention Methods

A home security system on its own is not enough to prevent robbery. The security screens and deadbolt locks that are installed in your home will be more effective if they are backed up by a high quality security system. Only a few of burglars are ever caught. This means that they rarely rob homes with security systems. Burglars might try to enter your home and set of the alarm system before running in the opposite direction.

Home alarm systems are a great deterrent for crime, but other theft prevention methods are also ideal. Having more than one line of security is the best way to keep criminals from gaining access into your home. No matter what neighbourhood you reside in, it is best to invest in theft prevention methods of varying types.